Welcome to Zen Ô Spa

Institute Zen Ô Spa*****

Covid-19 protection plan applicable in all hotel establishments.

The rules of hygiene and conduct must be respected by all the people who come to our establishment.

We therefore thank you for reading its basic rules:

Sanitize your hands at the entrance.

Do not come in a group,

Keep the distance of 2 meters between you and us.

Do not touch objects without reason.

For tasks for which the distance must be less than 2 meters, you must wear a mask, so please bring them back, otherwise we will have them on site and you will be billed for them.

People who are vulnerable, sick or have one or more symptoms of Coronavirus are asked to stay at home.


For information :

The OFSP requires the entry of the coordinates of each customer due to the tracing of the contacts, it is therefore necessary to provide them on your arrival.

The changing rooms are doomed, you will change in the treatment room.

Payment by card is preferred.

“We look forward to welcoming you.”